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Friday, May 6, 2011


Hi All,

The sun is finally shining and it feels like garage sale season. 

Yesterday, my booth received an overhaul.  Today we will overhaul each room in our house for our garage sale tomorrow!  Let the purging begin!

store sale 002

Looks pretty different!

store sale 003

Stackable tables

store sale 004

store sale 008

store sale 011

Antique table with a gray/blue finish.  Great legs!

store sale 016

store sale 012

Ironstone dishes.  And some primitives.

store sale 009

Metal message board

store sale 010

This is the biggest cloche I ever did see!

store sale 014

Kidney dressing/sewing table

store sale 019

A cool Amish bench

store sale 021

Love the blue frame.  Lots of detail.

Hopefully when the weekend is over, my house and garage will magically be neat and orderly!  And I will be reenergized to finish more pieces for the store!

A girl can dream.

Have a great weekend!




Heather @ REOlisticRenovation said...

That blue frame! True love! :)

Jamie said...

Good luck with all the changes!

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic, I hope the sale went well.

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