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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Aftermath

Hi All,

We had 2 sales this past weekend.  One at the booth at Heritage Square Antique Mall and our own garage sale.

The one at the booth went great and I even met a local blogger Cindy from Custom Comforts!  It was a fun night with a ton of people!

The garage sale – not so fun.  Now I remember why I loathe these things.  It always sounds like a great idea, and the purging part is very cleansing.  However, seeing your stuff walk away for pennies is unnerving.

My hubby and I had different approaches. 

I had a goal to make enough money to buy a sofa for the playroom.

He wanted it gone.

He won.

He sold things for NOTHING!  NOTHING I tell you.  A $250 Ikea shelving unit…$5.  I almost cried.

Then daughter #1 followed his lead.  3 framed prints = $5.  Not the $5 each that I had said.  $5 for all 3!  Yikes!

The whole experience was painful.  And now I am left with the aftermath.

after garage sale 013

All donated to a church.

after garage sale 014

Still cannot park a car in there, but it’s much better!  The table and chairs are sold, just awaiting pick up.

after garage sale 015

Remember that Ikea shelving unit that sold?  It’s purpose was to house all that stuff!

Let the fun begin!




Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Ouch :(
You just reminded me of the first (and only) yard sale I ever held. My husband and I practically gave away a leather chair that was in perfect condition, just not our taste. It was our first sale that morning, and the buyer asked us to hold it for her until the end of the day. Well, of course everyone who stopped by our yard sale asked about it and said they would have paid full price. Grrr.
That said, we also sold a lot of our junk for more $ than we expected to.
Happy organizing this weekend!

Jamie said...

I think I'm with you on the yard sales - I find it easier to give stuff to goodwill - I know I'm making nothing, but at least I get the satisfaction of knowing I'm helping someone with a donation.

The Painted Parlor said...

That's why I LOVE garage sales, you get a good deal ;) (usually).


michelle@decorandthedog said...

I've decided that I'm never having a garage sale again...the husband still thinks it's a good idea. Delusional. Let's make a "let's never have a garage sale again" pact..just in case one of us forgets how fun they are. :P

Anonymous said...

I've never had a garage sale and after reading this, I probably never will. At least one of your sales went well!

Polly said...

Glad things went well at Heritage event for you! I love our community yard sale....we clear out sooooo much stuff and donate all that's left over and it always feels so good! But it is a ton of work!

Thanks for coming out to Rural Society! Hope you enjoyed your time in the country!

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