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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A New Look, Big Thanks and a Reveal

Hi All,

If you have received my previous post then you know things are new around here!  I am thrilled with my new look.  Working with Kristin at Simply Klassic Design, was a dream.  She was open to ideas, offered many suggestions, held my hand through the technical stuff and made it look so pretty! 

To continue with my new look, Kristin even designed business cards with my logo!  I feel very official right now!
Many of you have supported the change from wordpress to blogger by signing up for email updates.  If you would like to receive email posts, simply go to (or click above) and click the email favicon, enter your email address.  You will receive a confirmation in your inbox, click it and you will begin getting updates!

While the computer has consumed me lately, I still got some painting done!  A very long time ago, I decided to tackle a table and chairs.  It was a bit bigger than I planned and took a long, long time! 
First, the 4 chairs were transformed, which I already shared (but added a reminder down below).
Here is the table! 

The legs and apron part of the table were painted creamy white and distressed with a RL Black Glaze.

We painted the top with a special black paint.  It dries super hard and is perfect for dining.

I'm sure you realize the left is the before.  It is the 70's yellow finish.

All 4 chairs received the same fabric.
I am pleased with the finished set.  It certainly gave us a challenge but now seeing it transformed, I am loving the new look!
The set would take up my whole space, so I will list it on Craigslist.
Whatcha think about all these changes?

More changes to come and a big announcement!



Anonymous said...

What's the BIG announcement?

Loving the layout of the new blog!

xo Ra

Unknown said...

Beautiful! What kind of paint did you use? I want to paint our kitchen table this spring, and will need a durable surface! :)

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