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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I’m Back on Track

Hi All,
I have temporarily lost focus, but now am back.
Lots going on around here and I plan to share all soon.
For starters, I updated my space on Friday.  When I say updated, I overhauled it. 
Here it is:
new look 094 new look 095
new look 093
new look 088
new look 090
new look 087
new look 086
new look 080
As you may notice, there are many new pieces.  I will share the before and after’s shortly.  I seem to have a thing for carts lately, and have another in the garage!
I removed many smalls and am featuring the furniture without tons of stuff on top!
Have a great day!  New here? Please follow along!  I’d love to have you.


Sherry Hicks said...

Your booth looks wonderful, it makes me miss having a booth. I had a booth 8 years ago and had fun but then took a job with a commute. I am staying at home now and sometimes toy with having one again. For now I just have a lil etsy shop and sew. I love the cart on wheels reminds me of one that was in my granny's home growing up.

Mariaelena said...

Hi glad you found my blog...Loving your booth and all of your great projects...following you too now...Mariaelena

Cathy said...

I found your booth the other day on a quick trip through Heritage...what a delightful surprise! I would love to know the days you restock so I can run over and check things out. Your booth is beautiful, refreshing, and lovely. When I turned the corner and saw your big sign my heart beat a little bit faster :) Looking forward to visiting again.

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