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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crazy Weather

Hi All,

The weather broke long enough for me to capture some Spring shots.

Spring 003

Our Redbud.

Spring 005

Very lush and green grass…it won’t last, but I guess it’s the benefit of all this rain.

Easter 003

Their colors are getting more vibrant every day.

Just when I was thinking good thoughts about this crazy weather, I receive a text from my husband with this photo:



They actually got out of the car on the freeway and jumped in a ditch! 

Everyone was safe. 

Why a photo was taken at this life threatening moment is up for discussion!

Be safe!



michelle@decorandthedog said...

That tornado picture is amazing! Glad to hear everyone is ok!!

Polly said...

OHMIGOSH! Where was that? So scary! I am so tired of all this rain! I want to be out in the driveway working on projects!!

Tat said...

It's great that your husband can appreciate the beauty of a tornado to the point of stopping and taking picture of it!

cathy said...

ye gads! was that twister here?! love the picture of the bird. and the items for the show house look wonderful. have you had a peek at the house this year?

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