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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Make it Magical

Best Wishes for a magical Christmas, a merry week and a healthy & happy 2012.


We will return in 2012.  Until then-



Thursday, December 22, 2011

Throwing my Bro under the Bus





Look at those corners.


Yup, those are the wrapped packages sent from my brother.

They were not damaged in transit.

In fact, I would bet they left his home looking exactly like this.

Hope your wrapping skills are in top shape this season-



Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Meet Jill

If you met Jill, you would assume we would not be friends.  She is super organized, put together, cooks elaborate meals every night and is an overall perfectionist.  Far cry from my life!

We met when our oldest kids were months old and have been friends ever since.  Despite our differences, we love spending time together and always share a laugh!

Oh yeah, she is from Michigan and is a Notre Dame fan.  Two more reasons we should not be friends.

Anyway, let’s have a look inside Jill’s beautiful home.

Xmas 2011 007

Her dad has an awesome tree farm in Michigan.  Just beautiful!

Xmas 2011 019

Her mantel.  Just look at the garland.  Swoon.

Xmas 2011 002

Her beautiful staircase.  I love the bows!


Thanks Jill for sharing!

In case you missed, have a look at Laura’s and Suzanne’s homes.



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meet Suzanne

We love to see in people’s homes!  It’s especially inspiring to see how people decorate for the holidays.

Suzanne is my southern-lady friend.  She loves everything monogrammed, knows how to cook and decorates beautifully.  Here is a peek at her Christmas d├ęcor.


This is her dough bowl, that we all grabbed at The Country Living Fair this September.


She has an amazing collection of Carolers.


Just look at her beautiful tree!

Thanks Suzanne for giving us a look inside your home!  Everything is so festive and looks great!

If you missed Laura’s festive home, check it out here.



Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Breakfast & a Photo Shoot

Hi All,

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a productive one at that!  As we head toward Christmas, I plan to share a few of my friend’s homes decorated for the holidays.

On Thursday, Laura hosted NAWN’s annual breakfast event.  I ate and chatted and enjoyed seeing friends.  But what I loved the most was her fabulous home all decked out for Christmas.  I couldn’t resist, I had to whip out the iphone.  I know kinda tacky.


Meet Laura!  She’s as cute as all the decorating she’s done!




She had ornaments hanging in corners throughout the house.  Just darling.  I am so doing this next year!



This is her back staircase.


A lot of my photos came out blurry, but I had to share that Laura even placed gift wrapped boxes on top of her kitchen cabinets!


Her home is so festive and inviting.  It was perfect for the breakfast.

Thanks so much Laura for letting me snap away. I wish I had my SLR – talk about tacky.

Have a great day!



Friday, December 16, 2011

Getting my Craft on!

The sheet music and book page wreaths have been all over blogland for a long time.  I loved them instantly.

While watching college football, I got my cordless glue gun out and went to town.  The thing I love most is that they can be used year round!

I used old books, painted the outside of the pages with brown paint and began the labor intesive part of rolling/gluing/rolling...and so on.

This one I chalked, once it was done.

I seem to be a fan of the wreaths with something in the center.  To me it looks complete.
I plan to incorporate sheet music in my decorating tomorrow night when we host our monthly neighbor game night.  I just need to keep this pesky sinus infection at bay - ugh!

Have a great weekend!



Thursday, December 15, 2011

The True Meaning of the Season

I have been involved with a local organization, New Albany Women's Network (NAWN) since moving here 6 years ago.  We have a membership of nearly 300 women who enjoy social and philanthropic events as well as volunteer activities - just to name a few offerings.

During my 6 years, I have held many positions and have grown passionate about NAWN, its members and its mission.

During the holiday season, NAWN spearheads a Holiday Giving Campaign for families in need, right here in our community.  Last year we helped 18 families and well over 100 people and this year it is more than double. 

Members of NAWN and our community generously fulfill wish lists.  People give what they can, all to make someone else's holiday special.

I delivered presents to a family yesterday.  The mother was so appreciative, she kept saying, "this is a miracle, a true miracle."  She hugged me, shared her story and kept thanking NAWN.  Her parting words were, "I hope I can be on the other side one day and help others."  I got in my car and cried.

While we are all so busy at this time of year, sometimes we forget that others are suffering.  A small gesture, perhaps one less gift for our fortunate kids - really can change the lives of others.

I am so proud and honored to be part of an organization that changes lives!  Yesterday, I saw the impact of our generosity firsthand.  It was overwhelming.

Just to give you an idea of the people we are helping, have a look at the gifts that have been collected.

Of course, you cannot see the gift cards, smaller items or the other side of the room!  

I hope everyone reading this, pauses for a moment to remember the true meaning of the season.  And that you can find a small way to impact the lives of others and make their holiday's joyous.



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Craigslist Isn’t All Bad

No matter where you live, I am sure you have heard a horror story about Craigslist.  I am here to share a good experience.

I answered an ad for a piece of furniture and made arrangements to meet.  I left my house at 6:00pm. It’s pitch dark, snowing and there are no street lights as I approach the country, where my treasure awaits.

The nice young couple brings me in their house to show me things they will be listing soon.  We chat, walk around.  I know it sounds like the start of a horror flick.

Then I mention that I spied a barn.  I know it’s dark, freezing and I am a total stranger, but I want in that barn!  Armed with a flashlight we go looking.

Oh my word!  There were so many beauties, I couldn’t believe it!  I made a date to come back in daylight.

Now, I was gone for 2 hours.  A trip that should have taken an hour tops.  Did my family freak?  Did they call me?  The Police?  Nope.  Not even fazed.

Anyhoo, let me show you around.


This is what started my journey.  The mirror is wrapped in towels on the right.  It needs some TLC but has fabulous detail.


Can you see the silo through the barn?  Pretty cool.



Look at what used to be the smoke house.  It would make a great work house for me!


This place was 15+ acres and was just fabulous.  It could be so cool.

But, we did not buy the barn, silo or the house.  Instead I grabbed:



I have a thing for old, beat up chairs.  A trip to my Amish man, will have her all fixed up.


Couple of antique doors and a homemade ladder.


Vintage skis.  Checkout the sticker that is in pristine condition.


This is old wood.  Probably 80-100 years old.  Hubby bought 3 pieces and plans to make a table and a bench.  They have so much more, I wish I had the tools to make hardwood floors.  But, it’s not happening.  If anyone is interested, just contact me and I will put you in touch with these folks.

Some pretty cool things, right?  Yeah, well I am going back again this weekend.  I told you – lots of treasures!

It isn’t like I have to shop, wrap, plan a party, finish a zillion projects and take care of an ill child.  I have plenty of time to gather more projects!

In summary, there are good people out there, just trying to move stuff along through Craigslist.  I am so glad I met them and loved their home and their “junk”.  Craigslist isn’t all bad!



Monday, December 12, 2011

A French-Style Stool Redo

I discovered this ugly little stool while thrifting.  It had been newly recovered and then discarded.
Not sure what era it’s from, but it was in need of an update.
I made a dark charcoal chalk paint and gave her 2 coats.  Just to jazz her up a bit I stamped her with the same paint.
Here she is:

Light distressing
and finished,

This is not staying in my home.  It is not going to the store.  Stay tuned.
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our Weekend

Hi All!

Hope you had a great weekend and a productive shopping experience.  According to friends on FB, many have completed their holiday shopping.  Well, not this gal.  I have a busy week ahead.  My kids are out for break this Friday!  Yes, home for 21/2 weeks.

While the rest of December will be filled with kid fun, this weekend was no exception.

We traveled to Oxford, OH to Miami U for a swim meet.  If you have never experienced a swim meet, picture sitting for 4 hours at a time on stadium benches in 198 degrees with 100% humidity.  (And not getting a tan!) 


Can you see her?  Yeah, neither could we!  On Saturday she swam in the far pool and Sunday she swam closer but still we strained to see her.  The pool on the right is the warm down pool.

Ok, enough about that. 

After the meet, I stumbled upon a fabulous antique mall.  Here is some eye candy to start your week off right.


A unique setting


I liked this silver table.


Sorry for the blur.  I think you can still see that this booth is darling.


Great display of pins and necklaces.


Look at all those ornaments!  Another cool display.


A unique use for old suitcases.


We had Hubby’s car, otherwise this would have come home with me.  Couldn’t you see it painted, recovered and sitting around a dining table?



A bit primitive for my liking but I was drawn to the door.

While exploring this huge antique mall, I bumped into my friend Polly from Motley Junket.  She has 2 booths in the same antique mall as me!  It was a bizarre meeting!  Her and her husband love the mall.  She scored some beauties that should be arriving in her space soon!

It’ll be a busy week here!  Hope to share some before/after’s shortly.  I have a stool, dresser and a cart that are almost ready to be shared!